venerdì 16 luglio 2010

[Marasai] Tetra TF Design

Tetra is an ongoing project, even if it appears to be dirtier than my previous works, I'm in the shaping process and then I aim to make it a lot cleaner and smoother than ever.
The design is based on the original Marasai and the rough kitbash made by Kito of its original Shoki and his 1/100 resin Marasai. I had concepts of a more dinosaur-like body structure, instead of the usual humanoid shapes and I had in my mind a massive use of spheres as a shape to appear broadly in Tetra's build.
The whole body is designed to be sort of leaning towards, and the shapes will be sharper in the front section and going smoothly rounder in the back section.
The scratch of the torso is a bandai Evangelion plamodel, with added resin parts and a Ma.K 1/35 Melusine lid.
The sphere joined to the torso is then attached to a movable joint forming the crotch.
The legs will be oversized, recalling hyper muscled legs, with a characteristic Zeon set of feet made with various parts.
Arms were imagined as light, almost bone-like, they will have springs and tubes but they'll mantain the thin look in contrast with the big shoulder pads.
It will be completed with a set of shields, an antenna and other details.

Terada Katsuya

As you may easily guess, I'm a huge fan of Terada Katsuya; I also graduated with an essay about his art and his philosophy, I think he's my all-time favorite illustrator, along with Moebius.
He's always been an inspiration to me, both in drawing and sculpture, thus I chose this nickname.
So, today, since I got volume two of Saiyukiden and a small booklet titled Terada Gabon, I took pictures of some of the lot of things by Terada I got in my room.

This are Saiyukiden 2 and Terada Gabon, with a picture of one of the sick monsters appearing in the book; very Go Nagai-ish.

Here's my bookshelf of Terada's personal artbooks and comics, I have many other books with his works, scattered around my bookshelves, he appeared on many collective artbooks like Lemni3003, Flat and S.M.H. He also had a lot of illustrations on Nirasawa's artbook Creature Core. I'm missing a couple of his latest artbooks like Viva Il Ciclissimo and his design book for animated movie Yona.
And yes, I have two copies of Rakugaking, one is for reference and scanning, the other one is almost immaculate.

And finally, Terada's own sculpture and related ones, Keita Amemiya's sculpture and the wall plaque were made by Terada himself, the Milk Girl was sculpted by Gill Gill's guys and sold at a WonderFestival. I'm desperately looking for Terada's Nina by Begul, it's wonderful and I wish I can get it sometime.

I'm thinking about making some more artists only posts; maybe about lesser known artists; in the meantime, I'll keep posting snippets of my modelling works.


martedì 13 luglio 2010

Kito Eisaku's Shoki + Heavy Friend first stages

I got a Shoki! After years and years of unstoppable desire for the most wonderful kit by Kito Eisaku, I finally got it thanks to Maxx of RMGaragekits! I immediately started working on it! Quite slowly, but hey, I want to enjoy every step of the building process.
I also worked a lot on a top secret project, I'll let you know once it is possible.
Then, an old project got an unexpected twist lately, so the once called Zari Girbo, that became Magnifico Visbal, is now known as Heavy Friend. The picture posted is the first stage of a certain part of it. I like the shapes it has and I wish it will grow up to be like I'm picturing it right now.
Ah, it's huge.

See more at my new flickr:


mercoledì 5 agosto 2009

New Mecha Started, No Mechas Completed

Just like always...
Anyway, yesterday I started putting up something new, I pulled out of my boxes of parts a lot of unused pieces and I came up with these funky pair of legs, inspired by my favorite mecha modeler, the one and only Eisaku Kito.
He's a master, especially when it comes to use incredibly curious shapes for making mechas.

These are the legs, they should be mounted on a modified Neo Shaian torso, respectful to the Kito style I gave to the legs.

Enjoy, ciao!

venerdì 17 aprile 2009

I'm Back!!!

Okay, at least I hope I can show you something more detailed soon...
I have been very busy with other things, so I almost had no time to follow garage kits, communities and such, just got a huge spark of "I wanna do some garage kit" some time ago and so I started to do something again.

I'll attach two pictures in this post, one of the "final" version of my Sazabi, it still has to be primed but he's done; the other one is the view of two hands I'm building for two different models.
I set some fixed points about the models I'm making, here are some:

-Absolutely NO WEAPONS, because I want to depict different scenes instead of usual warfare ones, quoting my patron saint Eisaku Kito and his series "An Antique Machine In Peaceful Times" that appeared on SMH.
Old war machines must find new roles is this world. I want to make anti-war models.

-Mechas are not piloted, but are often accompanied by some characters, they may be friends, co-workers, repairers.
I think that all mechas in this world are more like androids, with intelligences of their own.

-Almost all of the mechas have a bigger arm, you see it in Sazabi, you'll see it on other models.
That's why those two hands are for different models.

-I want to mix races, animals, creatures, to create a sort of space-fantasy world, it will blend many of my favorite artists' styles, I'm trying to get most of the influences from Moebius, Eisaku Kito, Makoto Kobayashi, Ryuichiro Kutsuzawa, Keita Amemiya, Philippe Druillet, Star Wars' worlds, Katsuya Terada, Takuhito Kusanagi.

-All the models are mode to fit a 1/35th scale, no exceptions.

So, in the future you may see:

-Albabalbi, the massively modified Sazabi and his friend Henson Chihuato.

-A kitbash, it started from a Neo Shaian and got heavily inspired by my Sazabi, with a little more influence by Takayuki Takeya's Cambria. Anyway, it may be put in a scene with a creepy buddy.

-Gebuler, a.k.a. Gebler, the running robot with two HUGE wheels instead of the feet, racing against Stabreko the lizard man on his motorbike.

-A space engineered Breda.

-Zari Girbo, the fat worker mecha.

-A big kitbash, it will be quite a giant when compared to figures, it's almost a scratchbuild inspired by Last Order's karate robots and Makoto Kobayashi's ZZ Gundam.

-Some armored suits walking away from the harvest along with an old tank.

So, I'm trying to make haste so you can see something soon...

giovedì 25 settembre 2008

Parts' Box For Zari Girbo

These are all the parts I took from other models to build the Zari Girbo.

The drawing beside the box is an initial concept, as always it's quite fuzzy.
Inspiration sources are my usual ones, Ma.K, Makoto Kobayashi's original designs and Eisaku Kito, especially his wonderful Shoki, I really love that kit, and I'm envious of all those lucky enough to own one.

I think I should write some lines about the background of my models, maybe next time...

domenica 18 maggio 2008

A little recap

Well, long time I don't post here uh?

I got no photos of new progress, and to be honest no real progress at all.
The open projects raised in quantity but didn't move much further, Sazabi is still waiting to be primed, Gebler is still, new projects are Goglop, a slightly bigger mecha, made with parts of Breda, Junk Tank Rock's Taco and other things and a bigger mecha, still unnamed made with a Ma.K Kangaroo, parts from a Sierra model and of Wares' Niki Vashmarl.
In all of these models I'm making I feel a big influence from Eisaku Kito's model.

I think that sometime soon I'll get some pictures of the models, meanwhile, I'm waiting for a real bunch of books.

See you soon...